Organization Overview


Your Future Leaders Inc. (YFL) is a unique program that encompasses two disciplines: academics and athletics.   By combining the intellectual and physical aspects of the child's development, we believe we are helping to best position them for future success.  There have been numerous studies that have concluded that sports can build self-esteem, confidence and motivation, which can and do transfer over into academics.   Within the YFL family, the youth are students first, and athletes second.  We have a dedicated team of parents and school administrators (K-12) that have experience in developing and implementing STEM curriculum.  We are dedicated to fostering the untapped potential in every student, so they will excel in their academic careers.  Our goal is for every child to experience personal growth and academic enrichment by being associated with the YFL program.  We will implement the four pillars of academic success:

- Personal confidence/Internal Motivation
- Critical Thinking/Articulation
- Efficient Learning Style 
- Good Study Habits/Organizational Ability.

Our coaches join our teachers and parents to form a collaborative team to develop each child.  YFL coaches have over 30+ years of combined coaching experience working with youth ages 5-14.  We currently have coaches staffed for three athletic programs; Football, Cheer, and Basketball.  Our coach’s mission and vision for each student/athlete is to teach the fundamentals of the game, love for the sport, comradery, sportsmanship, and discipline.  

Our program is not only a commitment to our youth, but also to the wonderful and dedicated parents. We appreciate the time that parents devote to support the enrichment of their children.  We have developed a program for parents who want to enhance their understanding of the game.  In addition, we have curriculums to help parents support their child’s goal of being a better student.   We understand that the seasons can seem long for parents.  Therefore, in addition to various social events, we've created a fun and active outlet -- MOMercise is class parents can take that encompasses yoga, and other low impact exercises.

In addition to academic and athletic achievement, YFL believes in the value and importance of developing well-rounded youth.  To support this value, we have created etiquette classes.  We understand that some of today's youth may lack direction and may need support in developing a foundation of core principles and values.  We want to give our student/athletes the tools to successfully represent themselves, their families, and the YFL community.   We encourage youth to be respectful and well-mannered in all situations.   Our etiquette classes will allow our kids to better assess situations and behave in a respectful, appropriate and logical manner.


Here at YOUR FUTURE LEADERS, INC., We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization located in the State of Maryland, serving the Baltimore Metropolitan Area communities. We were established in 2015 as an academic and athletic alternative for Baltimore Metropolitan youth. The organization strives to provide opportunities for disadvantaged school age children.  Our objective is to develop youth that are competitive both academically and athletically.  The organization's mission is to create a healthy environment that instills strong values: Leadership, Respect, Volunteerism, Community, and Teamwork.

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